Sealife Productions is a family company that films and produces wildlife documentaries. The company was started in the early 1990s by Florian Graner. After earning a B.S. in Marine Biology, Florian extended his hobby of underwater photography into the field of film. Florian now holds a Ph.D. in Marine Biology with specialization in marine mammals. He brings extensive subject knowledge to his films.

Florian's work includes underwater camera for the Monterey Bay episode of the Netflix series "Our Great National Parks" narrated by Barack Obama, the last two seasons of Animal Planet's River Monsters with Jeremy Wade, producing and filming National Geographic's America's National Parks: Olympic, and filming for CBC's Wild Canadian Year. He has worked on film assignments for the BBC including Pacific Abyss, Amazon Abyss and The Blue Planet, the UK documentary companies Wild Space Productions and Icon Films, the German documentary producer Doclights for NDR Naturfilm, and Parthenon Entertainment for National Geographic.

Sealife Productions maintains an extensive stock library shot in 5K/4K RED formats and HD from HDCam.

Florian has current rebreather certification and has been diving with rebreathers since 1995. As of November 2021, he has logged over 3,250 dives in diverse environments around the globe. Florian grew up diving in Germany and became a certified research diver with the Biological Institute Helgoland.

Gina Truesdell, Florian's partner in business and life, holds a Ph.D. in cellular, developmental and molecular biology. Gina is wildly enthusiastic about science and nature, and loves capturing it all on film. She is a certified diver and has been working and adventuring with Florian since 2002. Gina's roles include production manager, second camera, writer, and DIT.

Sealife Productions is located on Whidbey Island, Washington, where together Florian and Gina explore the waters of the Salish Sea. Both are FAA-certified drone pilots.

The company has a strong ethical mission. They have produced material for local Marine Resource Committees, Puget Sound Restoration Fund, Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary, NOAA, and other environmental groups. Florian has appeared on television and radio programs in the United States and Europe to promote marine conservation issues.

Land Acknowledgement

Sealife Productions is on Indigenous land. We are on traditional territory of Coast Salish people, specifically Snohomish people. We honor gʷisgʷistalb, the land, ʔaʔacəp, the sea, and the people—past, present and future.

May 25, 2022