Keynote Speaker for SOUND WATERS 2018: https://soundwaterstewards.org/sw/2018/?q=keynote

Presenter and speaker for Snohomish County MRC’s Free Community Film Series “Our Coast”: https://mukilteowa.gov/calendar/our-coast-community-film-series/


Presenter and speaker at Orca Network's Ways of the Whales Workshop in Coupeville, Whidbey Island: http://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventoeidk=a07eerq2l6s7d5fe510&llr=r5jgwzbab

Filming Antarctic Humpback Whales in their breeding grounds off the coast of Vava’u, Tonga. 

Filming Whale Sharks, Barracudas and Jacks in the South China Sea for CCTV, Central China Television.

Filming Harbor Porpoises in the Danish Belt while presenting for the 

NDR / DocLights production “Wale vor unserer Küste” (Whales in front of our Coast).

Filming extensively in the Kootenay Rockies of British Columbia, Canada, for a German Film Production “The Darkwoods” including Grizzly Bears, Bighorn Sheep, various bats and Painted Turtles, Bald Eagles and much more.

Two of Florian's films, Discover the Olympic Coast and Return of the King, are playing at the Clyde Theater in Langley, Washington, Saturday and Sunday, April 8 and 9 at 2 pm.

Florian will be there for Q & A after each show.

Presenter and speaker at Orca Networks Ways of the Whales Workshop in Coupeville, Whidbey Island.

Filmed Killer whales underwater in Arctic Norway for Nautilus Film.
Filmed a submersible off Roatan, Honduras, and oceanic whitetip sharks off Cat Island, Bahamas, for Animal Planet's River Monsters.
Filmed giant Pacific octopuses in Puget Sound for NDR Naturfilm.
Filmed sea otters underwater off Vancouver Island for CBC's Wild Canadian Year.
Filmed storms hitting the Olympic Coast and sea otters for the new BBC series OCEANS.
Filmed sperm whales, seals, dolphins, and porpoises in the North Sea for NDR Naturfilm.

On December 6 Florian's film AMERICA'S NATIONAL PARKS: OLYMPIC airs on the National Geographic Channel as part of the America's National Parks series.

Florian filmed giant Pacific octopuses for THE WILD CANADIAN YEAR, a River Road Films and CBC production. He filmed in Denmark and Norway for a German production on the Skagerrak, and he was the principal underwater cameraman for Animal Planet's RIVER MONSTERS, diving with Jeremy Wade.

Keynote Speaker for the 17 th Annual MRC Conference, The Northwest Straits Initiative In Action, Four Points by Sheraton, Bellingham: http://www.nwstraits.org/media/1934/nwsi-conferenceagenda.pdf

Presenter and speaker for the 2nd Annual River and Ocean Film Festivalhttp://wsg.washington.edu/communications/river-ocean-film-festival.html

Florian's video production work included two new videos: one for NOAA, Rockfish Recovery, intended to explain the status and recovery efforts of endangered rockfish populations to the public; and the other, Discover the Olympic Coast, a 30-minute documentary introducing the Olympic coast and its wildlife to elementary school children, produced in collaboration with North Pacific Coast Marine Resources Committee and the Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary.

Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (http://sanctuaries.noaa.gov/visit/giys.html)

Get into Your Sanctuary kick-off film screening and presentation by Florian Graner, Friday, June 17th at 7:00 p.m.:   Olympic National Park will be showcasing the film, Discover the Olympic Coast, at their Port Angeles-based Olympic National Park Visitor Center. Discover the Olympic Coast was filmed and produced by acclaimed videographer Florian Graner and highlights Olympic Coast National Marine Sanctuary (OCNMS) habitats and the animals that depend on it, through the eyes of a young harbor seal. Florian Graner will accompany this screening to discuss his diving and inspiration for the film. The film will also be shown throughout each day for the week of June 18-25.

“Discover the Olympic Coast” library screening and activities:  Come to the Port Angeles Library on Saturday, June 25th at 9:00 a.m. for a special family-oriented screening of the film.  Following the movie, sanctuary staff will lead educational games and fun activities to help kids understand our connection to the marine environment and its wildlife.  For more information or to register, contact: Karlyn Langjahr, karlyn.langjahr@noaa.gov or 360-457-6622 ext 31.

2013 and 2014:
Florian is filming on Washington's Olympic Peninsula, in the Salish Sea, and in Everglades National Park for a production by NDR Naturfilm and National Geographic.

(The North Sea, Our Sea) premiered at the Abaton Theater in Hamburg.  Florian was the leading underwater cameraman for this movie which was released in April in theaters across Germany. Check out the trailer:


Presenter and speaker at Orca Networks Ways of the Whales Workshop in Coupeville, Whidbey Island: http://www.orcanetwork.org/Main/index.php?categories_file=Ways+of+Whales+Workshop+-+2014

Florian continues work on the Olympic Peninsula and in the Salish Sea for an NDR/National Geographic co-production. He also filmed alligators, crocodiles and other animals in Everglades National Park for NDR/National Geographic.

Florian filmed humpback whales on the Silver Banks (DR) and the Indo-Pacific Lionfish invasion around Turks and Caicos for NOAA.

He filmed horseshoe crabs in Delaware and coral reef fish behavior in Egypt's Red Sea for a new 3D production by Teschefilm for WDR (German television).

Advisory Board for Tulalip Indian Tribe and presenter for the Tribal Information Gathering Summit: “Coal & the Marine Environment” by Florian Graner 

Florian began working on the Olympic Peninsula for a series produced by NDR and National Geographic. 

Florian worked aboard the Minibex filming the Remora submarine in deep water canyons of the Mediterranean Sea for Teschefilm, and he filmed in the Red Sea and Horseshoe crabs on the East Coast of the U.S. for Teschefilm.

Autumn 2010:

Florian is at
NDR Naturfilm editing a final version of AMERIKA'S FJORDLAND to be aired on German television.

Summer 2010:
Florian, supported by cameraman Roland Gockel and director Lothar Frenz, shoot underwater and topside footage around the Salish Sea for NDR Naturfilm's AMERIKA'S FJORDLAND.

Florian joins a team of NOAA scientists on a cruise in the Gulf of Mexico to film their work in response to the BP oil spill.

Florian returns to Greenland to film whales and other sea creatures for NDR Naturfilm.

Spring 2010:
Florian works hard in cold water, filming under ice in Greenland and Iceland for NDR Naturfilm productions.

Florian was busy diving the depths of Puget Sound and around Vancouver Island, climbing 
awesome Mount St. Helens, and hiking in the rain forest of the Olympic peninsula to film and produce a documentary about the Salish Sea, AMERIKA'S FJORDLAND, for NDR Naturfilm.

Florian also presented some of his footage to enthusiastic local audiences in his film BENEATH THE SALISH SEA: AN UNDERWATER ODYSSEY THROUGH PUGET SOUND.

November 2008:

Underwater cameraman for Icon Films in the Red Sea off the coast of Saudi Arabia filming coral reef life and scientific research.

September 2008:

Filming the new ship hull design of the ACS Demonstrator in action in the waters of Norway and Sweden for the ship-building company DK Group.

May 2008:

Diving expedition to the deepest and largest freshwater lake on the planet, Siberia's Lake Baikal. Florian filmed species unique to the Baikal for NDR Naturfilm's program WILD RUSSIA, which also aired on Animal Planet in the U.S.

Summer-Autumn 2007:

Filming and producing a three-part series on the North Sea for NDR Naturfilm, ABENTEUER NORDSEE: UNTER RIESENHAIEN UND TINTENFISCHEN; TAUCHGANG IN NORWEGENS FJORDEN; and ZWISCHEN KYLLERWALEN UND KEGELROBBEN. Florian co-presents with colleague Natali Tesche-Ricciardi in this expedition-style documentary.

Spring 2007:

Underwater cameraman for the BBC in Micronesia and Palau filming for the BBC-Discovery Channel co-production PACIFIC ABYSS. NDR Naturfilm produced a German version of this film, IN DEN TIEFEN DES PAZIFIKS, in which Florian is the presenter as well as cameraman.

Summer 2006:

Underwater cameraman filming in Europe for NDR Naturfilm productions on the Baltic Sea (DIE OSTSEE), the North Sea (DIE NORDSEE), and the German Island of Helgoland (HAIE, HUMMER-HELGOLAND!).

Winter 2005-2006:

Filming gray seals in Helgoland, Germany for NDR Naturfilm.

Summer 2005:

Filming seals around the Monterey peninsula for the film SEEHUND AHOI! produced by NDR Naturfilm. Florian also filmed in England, Scotland, Norway and Germany for a NDR Naturfilm production on the North Sea.

Spring 2005:

Cameraman for the film AMERICAN SHARK produced by Granada/Wild for Discovery Channel.

Filming migrating grey whales along the Pacific coast of North America for the BBC program INCREDIBLE JOURNEYS WITH STEVE LEONARD: THE WHALES' TALE.

Winter 2004:

Underwater cameraman for the BBC filming strange fish and other mysterious creatures in the Amazon Basin for AMAZON ABYSS, a BBC-Discovery Channel co-production. A German version of this film, in which Florian presents as well as runs a camera, was produced by NDR Naturfilm.

Spring and Summer 2004:

Underwater cameraman filming life in the North Sea for NDR Naturfilm.

January 2004:

Diving recee for the BBC to the Amazon Basin filming deep water trenches for AMAZON ABYSS.

November 2003:

Expedition to Guadalupe Island, Mexico to film Great white sharks.

July-October 2003:

Underwater cameraman filming porpoises around the world, in Canada, California, Japan and Norway, for the film PORPOISES: LIFE & DEATH IN THE FAST LANE co-produced by Parthenon for National Geographic and NDR Naturfilm.

September 2002 and April 2003:

Underwater cameraman filming life in the Mediterranean Sea off the island of Mallorca, Spain for the NDR Naturfilm production MALLORCA'S WILD COAST.

March 2003:

Filming Norway's largest fishing trawler and documenting the impact trawlers have on the sea floor off the Lofoton Islands in Norway for COD AHOI, a program produced by Angel Productions for a Danish television company.

June 2002-February 2003:

Filming and directing NORWAY'S HIDDEN SECRETSa film documenting the spectacular marine life hidden away in the depths of Norway's fjords. NORWAY'S HIDDEN SECRETSwas produced by NDR Naturfilm, with partners Parthenon for National Geographic and the Norwegian television company NRK. Two versions of the film were made, one in English and one in German, and aired in the United Kingdom, Germany and Norway.

NORWAY'S HIDDEN SECRETS has won numerous film awards, including: a UNESCO Prize at the 30th World Festival of Underwater Images in Antibes, France; a Main Award at the 2004 Waga Brothers International Wildlife Film Festival in Goniadz, Poland; a Merit Award for Photography at the 2004 IWFF International Wildlife Film Festival in Missoula, Montana; and a Special Award of the International Jury at the 2004 International Film Festival on the Environment and Natural and Cultural Heritage in the Czech Republic. The music for the film was composed by Uli Graner, Florian's brother.

April-May 2002:

Filming in Arctic Norway for Danish television, and bearded seals under the ice around Spitzbergen for the BBC program STEVE LEONARD'S EXTREME ANIMALS.

February-March 2002:

BBC WILDLIFE ON ONE: SUPER MUMS elephant seal shoot and filming for German television in California.

December 2001-January 2002:

Filming stock footage off Baja California in the Sea of Cortez.

November-December 2001:

Expedition to Arctic Norway to film killer whales.

July-September 2001:

Norwegian marine life film.

March-June 2001:

Filming in California, from San Diego to Point Reyes, for the BBC program WILDLIFE ON ONE: NAVY SEALS.

January-February 2001:

Filming Norwegian deep sea corals.

November-December 2000:

Expedition to Arctic Norway to film killer whales.

November 2000:

Filming elephant seals, sea otters, spawning squid and much more in California for the PBS program THE LIVING EDENS: BIG SUR produced by ABC/Kane Productions.

May-June 2000:

Expedition to Cocos Island, Costa Rica and Malpelo Island, Columbia to film sharks and bait balls for the BBC's THE BLUE PLANET.

March-April 2000:

Filming deep sea corals in Trondheimsfjord, Norway for the BBC production THE BLUE PLANET: THE DEEP.

October-November 1999:

Working in California filming sea otters, sea lions and jellyfish for the BBC production THE BLUE PLANET: SEASONAL SEAS.

October 1998:

Filming deep sea sharks in Norway's fjords for the BBC production THE BLUE PLANET: THE DEEP.