This special made for Seattle's KIRO 7 is based on Florian's popular cinema documentary Beneath the Salish Sea: An Underwater Odyssey through Puget Sound. In Secrets In The Sound, filmed entirely in high definition, Florian takes viewers on an underwater adventure that begins right off the boardwalk in Seattle. You will be stunned to find out what lives under the surface around Seattle, our beautiful islands, and farther in the Salish Sea. You will see curious seals, cunning giant octopuses, six-gill sharks, killer whales, ancient rat fish and much more filmed exclusively in this area. Secrets In The Sound aired twice in the spring of 2011, and re-broadcast in October. Go to to find out more.

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Secrets in the Sound in DVD or stunning BluRay using your credit card or PayPal. The 50 minute DVD and BluRay include a bonus chapter featuring a Salish Sea salmon run with Grizzly Bears. The cost is $14.99 for DVD, and $27.99 for BluRay.